Monday, November 24, 2014

Tips on DIY Stone Flooring Installation

Tips on DIY Stone Flooring InstallationStone flooring can instantly transform any room and increase the value of your home. DIY flooring installation will save you money and still allow you to have the style that you desire. Tips on DIY flooring installation will help you know all of the pitfalls to avoid and the secrets that make your flooring look best.

Here are some easy DIY tips that you can follow:

Remove and Clean

The large part of stone flooring installation involves removing the old flooring and thinset that was left behind. You must have a clean surface to work with before you begin installing this type of flooring tiles. Using a heavy-duty vacuum to clean up before you begin installation will ensure that the surface is clean and ready.

Mixing and Spreading Thinset Tips

When you are mixing the thinset, it is important to add water very slowly. You want this substance to have the same consistency as pancake batter. It is always a great idea to let it set for around five minutes before you begin to smooth it over the surface of your floor. Spreading a good amount of thinset will create an even surface for your stone flooring tiles, so be liberal with this substance.

How to Set Stone Flooring Tiles

When you are setting stone flooring tiles, it is always suggested that you begin at the corner of the room. After you have set the corner tile, you simply move to the next one and repeat the process over and over again. Since you are using stone tile, it is a great idea to keep the joints small. Creating a pattern will help you to have the best visual appearance. Mixing the colors and patterns will allow for a look that is distinct, but also subtle and stylish.

Sealer and Grout Tips

Once you have set all the stone flooring tiles, you are ready for sealer and grout application. You can begin applying the sealer once the stone tiles have dried. A sealer is designed to prevent against staining and is essential for all stone flooring types. When you are ready to apply grout, you should opt for and grout shade that goes well with the color of your stone tiles. Simply push the grout all the way into the joint and always remember to grout the pieces lined along the wall. Just clean and then admire your stone flooring handy work.

A DIY flooring installation can be a fun project if you have the right tools, materials, and skills for the floor type you want to install. Stone flooring tile evokes the look of durability and quality. Stone surfaces resist water, steam, odors and, above all, are easy to clean. Just be aware that stone must be sealed to prevent staining upon installation.

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