Saturday, December 20, 2014

4 Tips to Help Clean-Up Christmas Tree Needles

4 Tips to Help Clean-Up Christmas Tree NeedlesChristmas is fast approaching and along with panicking over the Christmas shopping, many households will be having a debate over whether to opt for a real or a fake tree.

Over recent years, real Christmas trees have increased in popularity. It's estimated that roughly 8.2 million are sold in the UK each year. If you're one of those who've opted for a real tree this year, you'll no doubt be dreading fallen tree needles.

We've got four tips to help you clean up Christmas tree needles, so without further ado...

Select The Right Tree:

Finding the right tree for your home can seem difficult. But selecting the right tree will limit the amount of needles you're left picking up throughout the festive period.

A top tip for when selecting a real Christmas tree is to opt for a pine or fir tree. Whilst these may be more expensive, they are likely to hold their needles. It's also recommended to check the needles before purchasing the tree. If the needles easily come off then the tree isn't fresh.

You can also check the freshness of the tree by looking at where it was cut. The lighter the trunk at this point the fresher the tree.


It may sound obvious, but don't forget to regularly water the tree once it is home. This will help your tree retain its needles for longer.


From the moment your tree is home, you'll need to keep on top of the cleaning. This will help prevent needles from becoming imbedded within the carpets. Whilst needles from the trees are likely to be thicker than your everyday dirt, a good vacuum cleaner should be able to make light work of collecting them.

By regularly cleaning, you'll be able to limit the amount of time it takes to clean remaining needles at the end of the festive period.

Removing the Tree:

Once the festive period has ended, it'll be time to transfer the tree from the house to the garden. During the process it's inevitable that the amount of needles which scatter the floor will increase.

Whilst there are tips on how to remove a tree from your home, needles are still more than likely going to litter your floor. To remove these, we'd suggest making sure the suction on your vacuum cleaner isn't reduced, before using your vacuum and all its attachments.

The three tips above will help ensure this Christmas you're able to enjoy the vast benefits of a real tree, without the hassle of having needles scattered throughout your home.

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