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The Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel

If you seek effective ways to clean stainless steel, you are not alone. Google reports that this is one of the most commonly searched terms, making it one of the more vexing cleaning-related problems. Stainless is popular both for its high level of durability and its beautiful appearance, but this surface quickly loses its luster when it won't come clean. The best approach depends on whether the item in question is an appliance, a sink or something else, such as a serving dish or cookware. Before you invest in an expensive bottle of specialty stainless-steel cleaner, you may be interested to know that you have an equally effective product right in your own kitchen. Read on for some professional tips for mastering this tricky surface.

The most common complaints related to stainless appliances are fingerprints, smudges and difficulty in removing streaks. Unless you adopt the right approach, you can clean for hours and never banish these annoying marks. The first rule is to always clean with the grain of the surface. Cleaning across the grain will result in an unwanted build-up of product, which will leave streaks and attract fingerprints. Next, wipe the surfaces down with warm water and a soft cloth. If water alone is insufficient to clean the surface, mix in a few drops of dish washing liquid, taking care not to use too much. Too much soap requires rinsing, and rinsing leaves water spots. Let the surface dry completely then apply a thin coating of baby oil, olive oil or furniture polish oil (the non-colored type). Wipe off the excess with a soft, clean rag and voilĂ !

Cleaning Your Stainless-Steel Sink
You can use the technique described above for cleaning your stainless sink as well, but sinks and other areas frequently exposed to water have the extra challenge of mineral deposits. Use plain white vinegar in a spray bottle and squirt the sink down heavily. Using a soft cloth or paper towel and going with the grain, wipe it down to remove dirt, grease and debris. This will help dissolve the water stains and mineral deposits, but don't worry if it doesn't get them all. Allow the surface to dry then place a few drops of your oil of choice on a soft cloth and polish the sink, again in the direction of the grain. The polishing action will effectively remove the rest of the mineral deposits. The finished surface should not feel greasy; if so, you have used too much oil.

Best Ways to Clean Stainless Cookware and Serving Items
Stainless is a popular material for fine cookware, serving dishes and utensils. Never run these items through the dishwasher or use abrasive products like steel wool or scouring powder. Instead, clean them by hand and always dry them promptly. If soap and warm water fail to remove stains, sprinkle the item with baking soda and a few drops of water and rub with a soft cloth until the stains disappear. Remove water stains or mineral deposits by soaking them in a bit of club soda or vinegar first, then cleaning as usual. For stubborn stains, try soaking the item overnight in soapy water, then proceed with cleaning as described above.

While any of these techniques will be effective for keeping your stainless steel appliances, sinks and cookware looking good, professional cleaning services are always a reliable way to ensure that your kitchen stays clean and sanitary. If you have become frustrated with the constant cleaning demands of your home, give a local housecleaning company a try. You might find that the precious time you regain more than outweighs the cost of the periodic service. And then you won't have to worry about ways to clean your stainless steel!

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