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Steps to Build a Simple Chicken Coop in Your Backyard

Chicken coop building plans available for direct downloadingThe common problem faced by people who want to build a simple chicken coop is the area where it is to be constructed. Most of the time, the backyard is the only available space where it can be allowed to stand. Don’t fret. Even if your backyard is small, there is always a way to make a chicken coop for your location.

There are other considerations which you might find helpful and those are enumerated in the tips below.

1. Gather and prepare your tools.
The construction of a simple chicken coop cannot push through if you are lacking or empty-handed of important tools such as saw, nails, hammers, and screws. Pliers may also come handy for twisting wires. Drills and posthole diggers may also be necessary for standing poles and fences.

2. Sketch a simple lay out. 
Even though your chicken coop is deemed simple and plain, sketching a very simple lay out can actually save you time during the construction time. The sketched lay out will serve as your guide on how the materials like wood will be cut. Measurements are also quite helpful. Backyards are not always of the same sizes and shapes. Therefore you might want to design one according to the shape of your very own backyard. Irregular shapes may be unique for all you know.

3. Decide on the materials you will use.
Common materials you will need are wood, wires and paint. Decide how thick the wood and the wires will be. These primary materials will be the primary components of your chicken coop. They will constitute the walls, roof, and doors and windows of your chicken coop. The paint is an additional material which you can consider after you have finished the construction. Although it is deemed as simple chicken coop, an aesthetic touch should be added to complement its color with the general appearance and color of your house. It should fairly match your house considering that it will be standing nearby. It should add attraction and should not serve as site destruction.

4. Cut cost. 
If you have used materials available like wood boards and lumber pieces, you should consider using them to build your simple chicken coop. Recycling them and putting them to useful ways is better that rowing them or let them just rot away. You minimized your construction cost by helping nature lessen garbage accumulation.

5. Be creative.
Another useful tip to build a coop in your backyard, aside from recycling, is reusing available structures which might just be in your backyard too. Structures such as bird cages and garden sheds might just require a small bit of effort to shape them into coops. Baskets will make good nesting grounds and can be used for egg storage too. Cut canisters and mineral bottles can serve as feeders.

Building a simple chicken coop would not be time consuming and costly if you are to follow the above tips. In fact, it may even cost you less than a hundred bucks if you will just know how to recycle and reuse the resources around you.

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