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Six DIY tips on Unblocking a Sink

Six DIY tips on Unblocking a SinkBlockage may occur without any prior notification. There is no specific reason for the blockages to take place. Take immediate steps against them. A long lasting blockage may flood the house with dirty water. The inner environment of the house will be filthy. Solve the minor problems immediately using DIY techniques. Hiring professional hands may cost you some bucks. But certainly you will get a better result in cases of major drain blockage. Here are some tips over what to do regarding sink problems.

Determine the Situation
Make a close observation to identify the sink's state. Try to sort out the reason of the blockage. Check back if it is only the blockage hampering the regular water flow. Figure out if there is any other problem (like drain pipe leakage). It is wise not to apply the DIY method to fix a deeper problem in order to save money. It may damage any other linked pipes of the house and result in a mess.

Find a Clue:
You may look for a clue behind the problem. Check that if the problem occurs frequently or occasionally. The drain pipe may be blocked by some unwanted items like tissue papers, hairs, broken tools and toys, plastic materials, wastes and many more. Take the right action following the clue.

Clear the Sink Parameter:
Keep all the dirty dishes, clothes and unwanted items at a safe distance from the sink while unblocking. This is not a big deal for you. But you need to be careful in order to avoid further incidents during the course of unblocking. For instance, you need to push or pull the sink. It may damage the dishes or clothes.

Use a Plunger:
With a plunger you can repair the minor blockage of a sink. Put the plunger on the plug hole of the sink. Fill the sink with sufficient water. Be careful about the plunger's air pressure. If the pressure is leaked once, the process will not work. Move the plunger up and down. The air pressure will take away the trapped small items. Run the taps for a couple of minutes. You will find the water flowing smoothly through the blocked pipe.

Remove the U Bend:
There is a ‘U' shaping drainage pipe under sinks to carry water. If the plunger doesn't work, unscrew the bend. Use a towel or soft rags to get a strong grip while unscrewing. Put a bucket under the sink and run the tap. Notice if the water runs smoothly through the pipe. Smooth water flow means you have you settled the problem. Re-locate the bend.

Unblock Drains and Pipes:
The problem may exist even after plunging and cleaning the ‘U' bend pipes. You have to check back the adjacent drains and pipes linked with your sink. Tree roots, food stuffs, solid rocks, wastes etc. may block the drain. Consequently, your sink water cannot pass through the pipe and floods your home. Gently unblock the drain pipe using drain cleaning machines like drain rods or drain snake.

If any of the aforementioned method cannot pass to unblock your sink blockage, certainly the problem is in your plumbing system. You need to ask help from the professionals. Random selection for the job is not a first class idea. Be sensible and justify the quality before appointing professionals to unblock your sink or plumbing system.

About the Author
James Whitfield is a skilled author of DIY tips, clothing &fashions, music & entertainment, foods & recipes, web technology and many more. He prefers professional plumbing services for unblocking his kitchen sink.

Article Source: Six DIY tips on Unblocking a Sink

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