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4 Free Ways to Save Energy

4 Free Ways to Save EnergyIn Australia, each house spends on average around 215 AUD per month on electricity bills. But did you know that this amount can be decreased by saving energy without investing in complicated technologies and techniques that will cost you loads of money?

Before going into smart and simple ways to that will make you save money, let's first make sure that you already replaced your conventional lights with LED lighting products. If you haven't yet, then this will be the first step to make. LED lights are considered to be the most efficient energy saving lighting up till today. By converting around 80% of the energy into luminescent form, LED light bulbs live longer than conventional ones. Now let's jump to 4 other ideas to save energy without spending a dime.

Turn LED lights off when not in use:
The habit of leaving lights on even after leaving a room got developed with every one of us without really paying attention to the consequences. The effect of this habit is the increase of the electricity bill. Therefore, from now on, make sure to turn your LED lighting products off when there's no use in being on, even if you will need them few minutes later. This action will show its effect on the long term.

Unplug equipment when not needed:
Yes, even if your TV is not brightening the room with its flashing pictures, it is indeed consuming electricity that will be added to your monthly bill. To avoid this meaningless extra cost, just remove any unnecessary equipment from the plug. This way your electricity counter will only include the energy that you actually used.

Block drafts under doors when cooler or heater is on:
As you all know by now, your air conditioner is a huge electricity consumer, whether it's used as a cooler or as a heater. Unfortunately, at some periods of the year, living without it would feel like living in hell or in the South Pole. During these difficult times, apply the following technique to keep on benefitting from heat or cold it generates while minimizing the energy spent: place a sort of tissue under the door to enclose the energy inside the room. This will allow you to turn the AC on for 3 consecutive hours, for example, instead of 5 while keeping the room cold or heated.

Closing the curtains in summer and vice versa in winter:
Here's another way to benefit from the heater in winter and the cooler in summer. In the hot weather, close the curtains of your room to reduce the sun's radiation, thus the heat. This method increases the benefit of the cooler, shortening the time of use and avoiding putting it to a high level that consumes more. Conversely, during winter time, open the curtains to let the sun's radiation penetrate the room helping the heater keep you warm.

As you saw, you don't need costly complicated ways and new technologies to reduce your electricity bill, just simple and smart tricks can do the work. The only investment you will have to make is to buy LED lights online or from the nearest lighting store. Go ahead, try these methods, and for the first time, you will be eager to check your electricity bill to see the cost reduced.

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