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Five Ways to Prevent Washer and Dryer Problems

Five Ways to Prevent Washer and Dryer ProblemsWasher and dryer problems can leave you stuck at the last minute with no way to clean clothes you might need for work the next day, endangering your job and leaving you with a pile of dirty laundry. Follow these suggestions to keep your  washer and dryer in good working order.

Clean the Lint Filter
Make sure that your dryer's lint filter is cleaned out before starting each load. We are not simply talking about preventing an appliance repair cost — emptying out your lint filter and providing regular service to your clothes dryer might save your life. According to data gathered by the National Fire Protection Association between 2006 and 2010, one out of every 22 house fires was caused by either a washer or dryer malfunction, the vast majority by a dryer. Out of all fires caused by these appliances, 32 percent could have been prevented through regular cleaning.

Read and Listen to Manufacturer Guidelines
If the washer's user manual gives instructions on how many clothes you can pack inside, you would do well to obey those rules. The manufacturer's guidelines are important for knowing which detergent and hoses to purchase. Making mistakes when using your washer and dryer could result in a broken-down appliance or worse: a flood or a fire. These are easily avoidable if you take good care of your machines by following the guidelines.

Replace Hoses and Ducts
Periodically check your washer's hoses and the dryer's ducts, looking for brittle or worn-out sections. Replacing these extra parts once every few years will help prevent washer and dryer problems of a more serious nature. Older hoses are made of rubber, while newer styles are stainless steel. This is a better, longer-lasting option. When you situate your cleaning machines, do not push them directly up against the wall, but leave space for the hoses in order to prevent kinks.

Clean Spills Promptly
Most people sit their detergent on the spot nearest to the machine. In this case, the top of the dryer might be the natural location of choice. But beware of drips from cleaning supplies that spread to your appliances' surfaces. These products have chemicals that do not mix well with the paint finish or stainless steel of your appliances. Over time, laundry detergent may chip away at paint, creating permanent rust spots. When you see a mess, clean it immediately to preserve the outside of your appliances and help maintain their value.

Not only should you clean the outside of your machines, you should spot-clean problematic spills on clothing as well. Clothes touched by toxic or flammable materials like gasoline should be treated before going into your machine, and should be washed alone. Any and all chemicals should be thoroughly scrubbed out of material before they enter your dryer. Otherwise, it is a fire waiting to happen.

Keep Appliances Clean
Don't want clothes that smell of mold and mildew? Clean out both your washer and dryer on a regular basis. Wipe out your washer's drum with a paper towel, and leave the door open whenever it's not in use so air can circulate. Gather lint, hair and gum wrappers from inside the dryer to cut down on fire risks. Detach your dryer's exhaust duct and clean it out at least twice a year. Vacuum out your dryer's lint duct every few months.

Using by these tried and true maintenance tips can help you prevent washer and dryer problems before they happen and add to the longevity of your appliances.

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