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Fixing a Dripping Tap - A DIY Guide

Fixing a Dripping Tap - A DIY Guide
If that "drip-drip" dripping sound is driving you insane, or you're worried about wasting water and the cost of that if you're on a water meter, then before you call a plumber, have a go at fixing it yourself; you might be surprised at how simple a job it is!

The most likely reason for a dripping tap is a worn washer.

Simply replacing it should solve the problem and the good news is that a new washer will only cost a few pence.

Step 1

Firstly shut off the water supply to the tap. Look under the sink and there should be an isolation valve for that tap. Turn this off and you won't need to turn the water off at the mains so the rest of the household can use the plumbing as normal. Obviously you'll know if it's worked as the tap will stop dripping!

Step 2

Next you need to locate the screw on the top of the tap. If you don't immediately see one then it might be hidden and note that for aesthetic reasons the screw is often topped with a cap; you'll know what I mean, they usually have H or C marked on them. They're not just to tell you which tap is which, they also hide the top of the screw.

You should be able to remove this cap with a screwdriver, or prise if off with your fingernail. Be careful though, it's easy to slip and damage the tap, or scratch the bathroom wall tiles. Put the cap somewhere safe, they're easy to lose and can ruin the look of a beautiful sink or bath if one is missing. The same goes for the screws and tap parts too of course, put them somewhere sensible where you'll find them again!

Step 3

Undo the screw and you should then easily be able to remove the tap handle. Next you need to loosen the nut with a wrench to remove the body of the tap. The very base of the tap should now be exposed and you'll see another screw that you need to remove. This screw is holding a washer in place and you need to remove this washer. To replace it you will need to go and buy a new one and it's a good idea to take the old one to the IY store with you so you can be sure that you are buying one the right size to replace it. There is more than one type of tap washer so be careful. If in doubt ask the shop assistant, and it's much easier to be able to say ' I need one of these' and show them the washer, than to try and describe it without having it with you!

Step 4

Now all you need to do is put the new washer in and put the tap back together. It's the job you've already done but in reverse so it should be easy. Replace the washer and put in the screw to hold that in place. Put the tap stem back in place and tighten the nut that keeps that together. Put the tap handle back on, insert the screw and tighten. If you removed a cap then put that back on.

Now turn the water back on, and fingers crossed, no dripping tap!

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