Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Refinish A Bathtub

If your bathtub is showing its age after years of use, consider a simple refinish project instead of an outright replacement. Refinishing your bathtub can save you a lot of money in the long run and only takes a few hours if you follow the steps correctly. A successful refinishing project can completely change the overall look of your bathroom. Follow this simple guide to refinish your bathtub quickly and effectively.

Prepare The Tub

You will want to remove any existing anti-slip strips present in your bathtub. Use a strong cleaner or degreaser to remove them. After the anti-slip strips are removed, wash the tub with an abrasive cleaner, then scrub the tub thoroughly with an abrasive pad and Lime-A-Way. Once the tub is completely cleaned, you are ready to move on with the project.

Sand The Tub

Using four hundred to six hundred grit wet sandpaper, thoroughly sand the tub down. There are a couple reasons you must do this. First, sanding the surface removes any grime or gloss that has been left over from the cleaning process that you went through earlier. Second, when sanding, you rough up the surface of the tub, which gives it a good adhesion for when you put fresh coatings on it. It is best to use wet sandpaper so the grit can be washed away while you are working.

Apply The Paint

Thoroughly mix the epoxy and paint it onto the tub with a brush or roller. Do not worry about any small bubbles forming on the surface, as they will fade as the paint dries due to its self-leveling properties. Be sure to brush in only one direction, taking care to apply a couple of smooth, thin coats. You can feather the edges as you go to ensure you avoid a hard line between painted areas. Wait an hour between coats so everything is given a chance to dry properly.

Caulk The Corners

After the paint has been given significant time to dry, usually a few hours, set about applying the caulking to the corners of the tub. You will want to caulk around the tub, in the corners of the tile walls, and around the corner shelves. When you are finished caulking all of the areas you need to, you can clean up the area using denatured alcohol, which will refrain from harming any of the work you have done.

As you can see, refinishing your bathtub is a relatively simple project that can be completed without too much effort. In exchange, you can completely overall the look of your bathroom. Rather than jumping to replace your tub, consider a refinish job that can be just as effective.

Follow these tips for refinishing your bathtub carefully! Or you can call a professional plumber today.

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