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What Makes Granite so Special

Granite is one of the most durable, natural and colorful stones. Which is why it’s chosen by many homeowners as the ideal material to use for kitchen surfaces, like counter tops. It is an igneous rock, created naturally when molten rock cools. The speed in which the granite cools, together with the temperature and pressure of the rock, gives it multiple appearances and determines its density.

It is the variety of colors that enables granite to blend into any kitchen décor. It gives any kitchen an elegant and high quality look and feel. And because of its make-up it is also permanent, with an enduring color and texture. As well, it won’t deteriorate and is low maintenance.

Where Does Granite Come From?

Granite is quarried in various places all over the world, such as Brazil, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Canada, just to name a few.

What to Consider When Choosing Granite for the Kitchen

One important factor to think about is what type of Granite to use for a kitchen counter top. Budget is always a factor. Since there are many types of granite stones, each one has different pricing. The pricing depends on the uniqueness and natural pattern design.

Another consideration is what is used to treat it. Some treating substances alter the granites color, over time, and others don’t integrate well with the rock so it creates a cloudy appearance. Choosing a color that blends with the kitchen is also important. You can tell if granite was dyed with an artificial color by rubbing nail polish over the surface. When buying granite from a dealer, make sure it is high quality stone.

Does Granite Harbour Bacteria?

It is a myth that granite stone houses bacteria. In fact, it is continually approved in food and medical applications because the CDC has no reports that granite harbors bacteria. Granite comes in second place to stainless steel when it comes to resisting bacteria.

Granite is the hardest material for kitchen counter tops, and is composed of many materials like mica, quartz, and feldspar. It is a perfect choice, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because it is easy to clean and extremely durable.

How to Install Granite Counter Tops

If you don’t have experience, it is best not to install counter tops. A granite dealer can recommend a contractor, or sometimes installation is included in the purchase price. It’s important though, to inspect the granite before installation, to check for any problems such as stains and cracks.

How to Maintain Granite Counter Tops

Even though granite isn’t as porous as marble stone, it still needs to be sealed to maintain its appearance. Always make sure to check with your granite supplier to see what kind of sealant and PH cleaning supplies are appropriate for the kind of granite you have installed.

Check with your granite dealer to see how often they recommend sealing and polishing your granite. Since granite countertops are so dense, not all kinds have to be sealed.

Never use a granite counter top as a cutting board.

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