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Ways to Make a Door Open Easier

Ways to Make a Door Open Easier
What could be more frustrating when hear a door bell ring, and its Christmas night, and you coming running down the stairs and open the door.

It is stuck.

It is really edgy and irritating. If you have any problem, get your door fixed quickly.

Different kinds of doors have different solutions, as it is dependent upon the design and material of the door as well.

Conventional Doors:
These doors are the most common ones in our daily lives and our houses. The door hinges and knobs must be checked properly. Some times, a wood is seen cracking or decaying, there an extra piece of similar wood has to be nailed and also glued. Mostly due to weather changes, winter to spring, to summer and then monsoons, the wood edges get swollen, and then have to be trimmed with the planer. Hinge leaf must also be properly placed in the mortise. Properly tighten the pins of the hinge with a screw driver. A gap of 1/8 inch must be between the door and the frame. The door latch and door knob must also be properly seated in the place. If the hinges make squeaking sound then oil the hinges, or if you find rust, then first clean the rust with WD-40 chemical spray and leave it for few minutes, and then oil the hinges.

Sliding Doors:
These doors need different type of repairs in case they are jammed or anything happens to them. Normally they become jammed and do not slide on the rail. But sometimes, the problem can be resolved even with a simple tool. Check the track, remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner and put some graphite powder to make it run and slide smoothly. If the frame and edge of the door are not parallel, they need repairs. In case the metal track or rail is damaged, bent or dent, better get it replaced instead of adjusting it.

Garage Doors:
Mostly people keep many expensive articles inside the garage, such as expensive tools, and other equipment, therefore one cannot afford to keep it open. If there is no physical obstruction or interference in opening it and still it is becoming heavy and uneasy to open, and then check all the parts that make up the joining assembly. For example, there are spring rollers, and cable. Lubricate the pulleys, tighten the screws, and remove any dirt.

Patio Doors:
Follow some simple steps if this door gives you problems. First check the track at the bottom of the door and first remove any obstruction or interference or any foreign object. Then, take a damp towel and wipe the door and sprinkle graphite powder into the rollers and check out the door by swinging it back and forth till the powder fully enters the rollers. If you find any rust, then first spray WD-40 on the rusted surface, and after few minutes, then apply some oil for lubrication. Paraffin wax or grease is very useful in lubrication instead of the oil.

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